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Hi, IT’s CEU.

CEU Technologies. Founded by CEO David Carreiro, we opened our doors way back in 2014. We say “way back,” because our company may be new. But we’re hardly new to IT. Our team’s aggregate experience spans decades. David’s alone harkens back to the ripe old age of 12, when he built his first PC.

To say IT is his passion is putting it mildly.  David has channeled that passion into designing and building, from ground zero, IT data-centers and platforms for global corporations in the financial and healthcare sectors. High-paced environments where downtime is not an option. And where “you can never have too many parachutes,” as he likes to put it.

After working on staff, creating Herculean infrastructures for Fortune 500 enterprises, David wanted to apply that knowledge and experience to smaller and mid-size businesses. Why shouldn’t they enjoy the same world-class infrastructure, services and support as the big dogs? But at a price that won’t take a big bite out of their budget. And so, he started the rapidly growing CEU.

Which brings us to the meaning of our name. CEU means “sky” in Portuguese, paying homage to David’s heritage. But “sky” is also home to the Cloud. Where we strongly believe every business should and eventually will be. It’s the future of IT. And when you’re ready, we’ll be here to get you there.

So how can we serve you? At CEU Technologies, the sky really is the limit.

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