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Being there for you. It’s what great partners do.

That’s just the way we roll. Anticipating needs. Going above and beyond. Providing services onsite or remotely, ranging from emergency fixes to full-on data recovery…from getting you on the much-heralded Cloud to Stealth IT. We do all that and just about everything in between – whatever the situation demands. Always keeping your bottom line top-of-mind. And your IT cash flow, predictable.

What we do, in general:

Monitoring Services: This is where we work remotely, behind the scenes, continually monitoring critical network devices to keep them up and running, safe and secure. The goal is to keep your employees from having to experience any costly downtime. They will be able to go about their work while we go about ours. Minimum interruptions and interaction. (That’s the Stealth IT we mentioned above.) Should a glitch happen, we’re on it, already in the process of quickly getting it fixed. And your business back to business as usual.

Project Work: Any project. We come in. We scope out. Discuss in detail what it is you need, what you want to accomplish. We then go back to our headquarters, write it all up and come back to you with a quoted cost. One and done. Working with you on an as-need basis, as you grow. And always there for support.

On-site Consulting Services: Should you need someone on staff, to be paid at an hourly rate, we’ve got the man – or woman power. A highly-trained techie who will be there, at the ready, to serve in any IT capacity for which the occasion calls. A great, peace-of-mind option to consider.

For more details on specific services or to set up an appointment for a free consultation, please contact us any time.