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It’s a given: One of the most critical factors to any company’s success is the capabilities of their IT. Virtually everything hinges on it. The productivity of their employees. The efficiency of their day-to-day business. The security of all their data. Ultimately, IT governs how well a company operates. At CEU Technologies, we’re here to get and keep your business operating at its optimum level.

How so?

First and foremost, it begins with getting to know your individual business. Understanding every aspect of it. Where you are now. Where you want to be. We’ve also an unmitigated dedication to open communication, where everything is on the discussion table, from compliance to budgeting. All of which will lead to incisive, cost-effective IT solutions customized to your exacting, ever-evolving needs.

Our goal is to form a partnership with you in which together, we’ll keep your business humming along seamlessly. Securely. And your company on a steady, upward trajectory towards greater growth. Prosperity. Success. Treating your business as our business.

IT’s what we do.

  • “I have had working experience with David as a partner and as a client of his firm. Regardless of what the relationship was, he treated MY business like it was HIS business.”  

    -Jeffrey Bolduc

    Testimonials 2 – Jeffrey Bolduc

  • “CEU Technologies was instrumental in assisting with our Chicago Office expansion. With the expansion, we moved our IT infrastructure to a new floor and had to make sure that we didn’t lose connectivity in our original space. David was responsive to our needs, flexible with the other vendors’ schedules, and made sure that we chose cost effective IT solutions that would support our company as we continue to grow. CEU Technologies is now our IT partner and I appreciate how they approach problem-solving with a focus on minimizing the impact to our daily operations.”  

    -Jennifer Van Dyke | Vice President of Operations | McKinnis Consulting Services